Established in 2009, the AA Law Forum, now called Per Curiam: the AA Law Forum, is a flagship legal journal, with a proud, distinguished history of publishing meaningful articles by an array of scholars, including government officials, judges, academics, lawyers, and law students.  It is organized by the John H. Carey II School of Law and is published annually.


Per Curiam: the AA Law Forum focuses on English law and common law, as well as how these laws and principles interact with civil law legal systems, international law, European law, and the legal systems of the Visegrad countries, in particular. We believe that Per Curiam: the AA Law Forum is a unique place to advance the values of the common law and to build a bridge of knowledge and understanding between legal traditions.


Per Curiam: the AA Law Forum brings to life the School of Law’s commitment to creating a place where all members of our community, including students, instructors, staff, alumni, and friends of AAU, can contribute to the development of law through research and publications. It is a place that fosters an environment of collaboration, integrity, academic and professional growth, cutting-edge research, and a commitment to excellence.


As of Fall 2018, Per Curiam: the AA Law Forum established its first Student Board of Editors, which performs day-to-day operations and is responsible for the production and editorial decisions under the leadership of doc. Dr. Jiří Kašný, Th.D.


All content, even by the most respected authorities, is subjected to a rigorous peer editorial process designed to sharpen not only technical accuracy but substance.  

In addition, Per Curiam: the AA Law Forum seeks to host an annual symposium on a timely issue of concern.

10th Anniversary Edition

The AA Law Forum is pleased to announce a call for papers for its 10th Anniversary Edition. Papers on a range of legal topics are welcome.

Contact: for more information.


Deadline for Submission:  December 1, 2021