Established in 2009, Per Curiam, Anglo-American University Law Review is a flagship legal journal, with a proud, distinguished history of publishing meaningful articles by an array of scholars, including government officials, judges, academics, and lawyers.  It is organized under the AACE Institute and is published bi-annually.


As of Fall 2018, Per Curiam, Anglo-American University Law Review has evolved to focus on transcendent concerns across Anglo American and Central European countries and jurisdictions related to business development, including those germane to startups and entrepreneurs and more generally innovation.  It has also adopted an entirely digital distribution platform for publication, with interactive features to better reach and engage its audience.

Working with a Faculty Advisory Board, Per Curiam, Anglo-American University Law Review is entirely managed by an Editorial Board of students, which performs all daily operations and is responsible for making all production and editorial decisions.


All content, even by the most respected authorities, is subjected to a rigorous peer editorial process designed to sharpen not only technical accuracy but substance.  

In addition, Per Curiam, Anglo-American University Law Review hosts an annual symposium on a timely issue of concern.