Anglo-American University Law Forum

 2009 - 2018  

Dr. Jiří Kašný, Th.D.

Established in 2009, Per Curiam: the AA Law Forum was originally known as the AA Law Forum.

Published annually, the AA Law Forum showcased works from alumni, students, esteemed faculty, and other academics and legal scholars. 

From 2009 to 2018, the Anglo-American University Law Forum was operated entirely by Anglo-American University's senior lecturer doc. Dr. Jiří Kašný, Th.D. Dr. Kašný was instrumental in its success, overseeing and personally editing and screening each article submission for the publication. 

We are honored to have Dr. Kašný continue to lead the new Per Curiam: the AA Law Forum, and its student Board of Editors. Highly respected within Anglo-American University and throughout the Czech Republic's academic world, his continued leadership and guidance in this new chapter will be pivotal in determining the ongoing success of Per Curiam: the AA Law Forum.


The entire collection of the AA Law Forum from 2009 to 2018 can be found below.

Dr. Jiří Kašný, Th.D.

Dr. Kašný is a senior lecturer for the Anglo-American University's Departments of Philosophy, Humanities, and the John H. Carey II School of Law and regularly publishes books and articles concerning legal philosophies and theological studies. 

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